Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Day

Yesterday was a big day.

I took the Canada Line downtown (about 25 minutes!) to distribute invitations to the hotels where everyone from out of town is staying. The sun, the blue sky, the crisp, clear air.

Every where you look, it's Vancouver Blue, and every other person seems to be ready to welcome the world.

I rode back with Diode Rick, who was volunteering his time installing the lights. Back at the wall, Ice Gate was taking shape. Mark Stitt put together the de-humidifying ducts for air flow over the glass.

Met Christa Lee McWaters-Bond under the recently-installed signs for BC House.

The squeegie worked this time and windows on Ice Gate were as clear as the sky.

Becky left early - her "The Choir is Singing" debuted at a coffee shop. The rest worked til dark.

We watched coverage of The Sechelt Torch Relay and Performance for Ice Gate dancers on CTV. (See for more pix). I got food poisoning, I think. Probably too much bragging that I never get sick. Saw the show, anyway heard Becky sing, left early - it was worth it!

Today's photos by Al Burns, Caitlin Hicks and Frank Sciberras, City of Richmond


dana said...

How Absolutely EXCITING! Congratulations....Hard Work:)

Mary said...

Can't wait for the YouTube videos of the dance and installation!