Friday, November 27, 2009

Everything, poised to begin

THE PRESS HAS ALREADY BEGUN: Science Magazine in Washington, D.C. used an image from the Ice Wall installation to illustrate crystalnucleation. The 2010 official souvenir program was published with a color photo of the artist installing yellow shards at Millennium Park.

Two weeks ago, Gord was interviewed for an article in Coast Life by Jan de Grasse. And this week Sarah Nicholson is gathering info for an feature in Just Business. We got calls from CTV and The Globe & Mail.

We met with San Francisco, that magical city. And after all the conversations with interested parties, it was City Hall that captured our imagination for a future installation. Thankfully, the sun shone the whole week.

Nothing wrong with that. Because back home on the Sunshine Coast, where the crew was putting together the structure, it was raining pole cats and dogs, stair rods and old wives. It was pouring to beat the band. The devil was whipping his wife. It was raining ropes. And when the skies parted, the crew went back to work.

Now the whole structure is shiny, designed to be air tight once the glass is installed. We're waiting to hear back from the engineer, who'll put his stamp on the plans. Then - believe it or not, the whole kit and kaboodle will be disassembled - and carted to Richmond, where it will be re-installed on the site.

The date for the opening of ICE GATE has been changed to correspond with the Olympic Torch Relay in Richmond, and is now February 9th, in the early evening.

In Vancouver, Ari worked out the important agreements with the cold storage location where we'll make the paintings. We're being inundated with INTERN replies to a Craig's List ad for help with the project. Erik Olson is in town; the painting Core Crew is gathering.

But there are questions: among them: we still don't know where we're going to stay in Richmond, and the time for the opening of ICE GATE has not yet been determined. Meanwhile, local dancers are cutting a rug at The Seaside Center rehearsing for Performance for Ice Gate. See