Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diwali & drawings on a napkin

It's happening here on the Sunshine Coast! up at Allan May's where the structure to hold the Ice Gate is being constructed.

It's an exercise in discovery: they're making the wall and will dismantle prior to rebuilding it at Richmond's City Hall - and in the process find out any unforseen details prior to the final approval of the design.

Check it out: here is (almost) the length of the Ice Gate !

Sandi Swanigan was our hero at a meeting with the City of Richmond, where David, Ann, Alan, Gord, Doug and even Ari (on the phone) were present.

We covered accommodation, cold storage space, budget, and other essential topics in the wake of Ann Phelps' absence, and now we're back on track. I still can't wait to meet Ted Townsend.

Here are some pics of our adventures; an excellent restaurant with every kind of vegetarian curry; that's Gord and Allan drawing on a napkin.

They're always at it, penning in new details, sorting out the creation of the wall structure. It's going to embody the word "skookum" as far as I can tell.

Here's a tardy pix from Allan's camera: unloading the container prior to loading it up to go to the Sunshine Coast.

Had our first rehearsal of Performance for Ice Gate in Sechelt's Seaside Center. Check it out: