Thursday, February 25, 2010

NBC comes through

News from NBC producer Mary Murray: "spot going out today to 200 local affiliates and web extra. I'll send you link when it gets in."

Our docents and crew fill in on site, maintaining the exhibit during opening hours. Back on the coast, we're paying bills, planning for the strike; sending info to next gig venues; trying to decompress.

And there's a lot of Olympics on the tele. Canada's young ice dance couple used a favorite piece of music and swept me away: Mahler's 5th symphony - it was a moment of pure transcendence and they deserved the gold for it. To be that beautiful, that talented and . . . that young!

If you live nearby, you can come early to the site on March 1st and pick up a bit of frozen artwork before the crew must destroy it - and take home a piece of Olympic history! Photos by Al Burns today.