Wednesday, February 3, 2010

7 days 'til opening

And it's getting really, really exciting. Signage, phone calls, visitors to the site. White tents up everywhere; construction workers high up on scaffolds, photographers, press calling all the time. Emails with all the plans. Quotes required from the artist, sponsor, mayor. Crew at it until dark lifting those huge bergs.

Yesterday I biked to the site from south Richmond only to find the windows on the wall fogged up.

The squeegie only worked for 15 seconds, so I wiped them down with a window chemical - which seemed to work! All that trouble and expense - the world about to break down the doors to see what we've got and -- the windshield fogs up!

Luckily it's an anticipated and easily-remedied challenge. Not that there weren't a few moments of outright despair before Art Sutherland, Mr. Refrigerator guru, came up and said, "Oh, I knew that would happen."

Emmanuelle brought her seniors out to the wall; four groups visited who had heard the interview with Fanny Kiefer on Shaw-TV and made a special trip to see the installation going up.

How many crew can you squeeze into Ice Gate?

Seniors photos by Al Burns.

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