Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring Olympics -6 days to go

Today is the Torch Relay in Sechelt, and our band of dancers are being featured with Performance for Ice Gate at the relay - watch for it on C-TV. We won't be able to be there - but can't wait for the photos! Break a leg you guys!!! I talked to Ian Jacques, editor of Coast Reporter, yesterday sorting details about covering the opening of Ice Gate here in Richmond, and I detected excitement in his voice - he said the Olympics are very big for the coast!

Al Burns got this one (above) reminiscent of that famous statue of the American flag being raised on Iwo Jima. Al has turned out to be our guy on the ground, showing up and snapping photos - then sending me these surprises!

Today the last load of ice paintings comes out of the cold storage. Here's Ari, driving the reefer truck. Just Business Magazine came out on the coast, Sharron Bates of Global TV was back at the wall, yesterday, filming and Emmanuelle spoke to French CBC-TV about Ice Gate in an interview. It rained and rained and rained. The Winter Olympics have turned to spring. This is just like it was in Italy!

Yesterday Allan May arrived with the lighting and pretty much had the whole thing done in a matter of hours. Gord was impressed with his efficiency, noting with a bit of happiness, that the warmth of the light on the glass softly melted any condensation. Allan left like Zorro, though, quietly off to the horizon, after having saved the day, leaving his steed behind. (read horse trailer). ( I got in trouble for saying 'moments of outright despair' yesterday - condensation IS a topic which has been thought about and planned for all along). So - a thank you to both Al and Allan today!

Neil Thomas of Discovery Network will get footage today and Sunshine Coast CKAY Radio host Sean Eckford is interviewing Gord by phone this morning.

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