Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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Sunday, February 28, 2010

With glowing hearts

The clouds parted, the sun broke through and we spent our last day in the streets wearing Canada red and celebrating our athletes, ourselves, our fellow human beings, our country.

The Olympics were just an excuse. The media seemed obsessed with 'Own the Podium', but for most people, being a proud Canadian was all about celebrating our us-ness together in the streets. We were proud to host the world, to show them our country, to share and to be seen.

Today, everyone wanted to pose in front of ICE GATE.

At noon, we all gathered in the square to watch Canada vs USA men's hockey gold medal game. The streets emptied for this one, we were glued to the screen.

It was a sudden death pass by Iginla and a quick shot goal by Crosby and across the country you could hear a roar, collective happiness -what a way to end the games!

Afterwards, the little boys in the streets couldn't wait to become Olympic champions.

The rest of the afternoon cars honked incessantly in the clogged streets, flags still waving.

After the Closing Ceremonies - Katy Halloran was one of the dancers in white with the snowboards - we visited ICE GATE as fireworks exploded in the sky over the OZone.

A photographer tried to capture its essence as Gord turned off the lights, one by one.