Friday, December 4, 2009

Press on

At the last rehearsal for Performance for Ice Gate Sunday, Judith and Julien Mathieu, two of the dancers, presented us with Westworld Magazine, where a full color photo of Paintings Below Zero at Millennium Park in Chicago (above) promoted the upcoming Ice Gate. Ten weeks to go - the excitement is palpable. (Photo by Patrick Pyszka).

Yesterday CTV's Peter Grainger interviewed Gord for two and a half hours in his studio for a special documentary report on Ice Gate. He's going to follow the process - from the making & breaking of the paintings - to the installation of the wall on the site - to the installation of the paintings on the wall - to the opening. Then we got an email today - the piece will probably air on Monday, December 7th on CTV. Tune in!

He brought Adrian Goldberg, who is CTV's Olympic lighting director to light the set and Ron Fisher, cameraman. We met Peter in the nineties, when he worked for CBC and created a short doc on the early ice paintings - he was the first television reporter to do a story. So it was great to see him -- and Adrian, our lighting guy from Chicago's mammoth installation, Ice Wall.

Then they all piled up to Northwest Contracting across the highway where Allan May's crew has constructed the housing which contains the wall.

Linsey Hulls took this photograph for another article. (See

We just found out where we're going to be staying for December and January - what a relief! Now we can figure out the logistics of so many things: crew transport, cell phone requirements, food, crew meetings, even fitness! With only one weekend to go before we're skedded to begin the project in Richmond, it couldn't have been more welcome news.