Monday, February 8, 2010

1 more day - we open!

Winter came this weekend, just like in Turin, just in time for the games. Still feeling weak and sick, I drove home at dawn Saturday to sort out the home-front sort-ables. The day shot past - one phone call led to another to the next - the international press has arrived and ICE GATE has been discovered. Rotating at high speeds with the excitement of it, I stole one point five hours on Sunday morning for a yoga class, so I wouldn't just blow up.

Not enough time for everything and I was back on a return ferry to meet Gord in Vancouver, where he had spent the morning, mixing with the people crowding the streets who have arrived for the Olympics, and planning the final artistic and technical decisions on his oeuvre. We haven't solved everything yet.

We met Diode Rick at ICE GATE, who had focused lights on site last week, but had to do so again, as they had been removed from their perch on the Inniskillin tent across the laneway.

It was magical, the night at City Hall.

I saw the painting - almost complete - for the first time.

Citizens of Richmond, out for a night stroll or walking their dog, were curious, astonished - and began to take photographs. Rick chatted excitedly about the deep shadows his lights made on the wall of the painting. We investigated the air ducts; the efficiency of the window solutions; I squeegied; we made a plan for tomorrow's challenges. NBC begins the day with their arrival at the cold storage at 9:45 AM, and there is much to do. This evening at 6 PM, a number of photographers descend to take the first shots of ICE GATE.

It was a moment - Rick's generosity of time, Gord holding the lights while their casual conversation rose and fell; a palpable quiet in the night, the beating of our enthusiastic, excited hearts in anticipation of tomorrow.

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Mary said...

All congratulations and best wishes on the opening of The Ice Gate!

So exciting! Sending love across the ether . . .