Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Google alert: Paintings going up

Everyday Cat sends me another Google alert on Gord Halloran and Ice Gate. Click the link on the right for Ian Hanomansing's piece for CBC-TV's The National - it aired a few times on Saturday across Canada and got picked up by Yahoo and AOL!

Today's alert: "Gordon Halloran’s ICE GATE is already generating tremendous media buzz as one of the must-see attractions of the 2010 Olympic Games. Exclusive to the O Zone, ICE GATE is a mammoth and spectacular ice art installation . . . ."

Our first day on site at the wall. Myung Sook Lee of Diverse Magazine and Monia Blanchet of CBC-TV came to finish up their stories on ICE GATE. We missed Susan Brinton; crew was at lunch while Shaw's camerman filmed - as Becky played interviewer just across the plaza and indoors. The rain was incessant.

We worked well past dark.

Art Sutherland worked on site today, and Diode Rick, who has come up with a more economical solution for lighting the wall, squeegied the glass. Meanwhile, we have invitations in hand - they're beautiful!

On the weekend, we watched dancers in Performance for Ice Gate rehearse their final time before the Torch Relay in Sechelt.

See more at icegatedance.blogspot.com

8 days left and the big news story was how long people are going to have to wait to get through security at the venues prior to seeing the event, for some, 2 hours! Word of the day: gelid: extremely cold, icy. Do 'comment', sometimes I feel these things go out into the void.


Mary said...

Definitely gelid. And really exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing the Ice Gate. Good work, all!

Anonymous said...

So Exciting! Lots of work...but very 'cool', so to speak! Keep us posted:) dana

dana said...

Very very cool - and So Much Work! You are going to need one heck of a vacation after this:)