Monday, February 8, 2010

Last minutes

We started the day with an NBC film camera crew at the cold storage. I rode my bike to the City Hall, arriving as Coast Cable TV’s Susan Brinton was setting up to interview Gord in front of ICE GATE. Finally the sun was out, a dry afternoon.

The crew loaded and unloaded ice from the reefer truck for the final touch up. I squeegied windows;

NBC and Daily Planet interviewed.

Met Mary Murray from NBC, and Debi Pratt, an old friend from Inniskillin here for the opening. A reporter from the Vancouver Sun phoned an interview as spring flowers were budding.

"If the glass is below dewpoint, you’ll get condensation, “ Art said at an afternoon break, “44 degrees is dewpoint today. Either you warm up the glass, or warm up the temperature inside the glass.” Then he taped off half the holes on the duct system that Allan May had put together with Mark Stitt over the past couple of days, to increase the force of the heat blowing onto the glass. The crew tidied up.

Emmanuelle brought in yards and yards of black cloth to cover the bottom of the wall and she and Becky and I cut the cloth and stapled it to the base. By that time, it was dark.

Scheduled for six o’clock were four photographers: Kent Kallberg for Inniskillin’s poster, Al Burns, Jim Hollander from The European Press Agency and Kristy Stefanucci, photographer-at-large. A crew of sound engineers began to back up their equipment truck -- they were scheduled for 6 o’clock and wanted to set up in front of the wall. The plaza was full, the artwork brilliant as the cameras clicked. Al Burns took this one.

Below, a photo by Jim Hollander, he says news outlets around the world will have his images this evening - for Tuesday's paper - New York Times, Los Angeles Times . . . have a look.

Shelley Harrison Rae emailed a You Tube url for the dance:

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m@earth said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see more images of the pieces life. The shapes emerging in it look beautiful.