Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wall goes up; pressure is on

Allan May and his construction crew showed up on time yesterday in full force on the site at Richmond City Hall, to begin building the wall.

The rain came pelting down, with spring warmth.

Emmanuelle, our new recruit, brings lots of energy to the crew at cold storage.

A story in The Tyee headlined: "NBC expects to take a bath and VANOC, rocked by recession, still has its hand out." It's only somewhat consoling that we're not alone: we're doing the usual, juggling budgets with cost over runs and unexpected expenses.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow's ICE GATE PRESS:

Shaw Cable TV - “Studio 4” with Fanny Kiefer this Wednesday morning 8:30

Vancouver Sun - article by Kevin Griffin, Saturday, January 16th

CBC RADIO "ON THE COAST" with Stephen Quinn WED at 4:20 in the afternoon on 690 AM

City hall site photos by Allan May. Others by Jaz Halloran and Caitlin Hicks.

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