Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catch up - 24 days to open

Inniskillin is going to officially announce that it is the Presenting sponsor of Ice Gate. This is a partnership based on a parallel love of and fascination with ice. In 2006 Gord met Ziraldo (founder of Inniskillin) at the Turin Olympics where they shared their passion for ice, it’s crystal structure, and the ever-interesting challenge of dealing with an art form that cannot be fully controlled, but when you can get it right - you have something unique, exquisite, ephemeral. Lots more to tell on this as we go along. (Linsey Hulls photo above).

Al Burns took this wonderful shot Wednesday. (below)

On Thursday we met CBC-TV’s Bob Nixon and his famous moccasins.

Week-long, the wall kept going up – Graham Rae snapped a shot of Shelley Harrison Rae in front of the wall - between downpours.

After hours, we were hosted first by Art Sutherland (here we are with Perry Coleman, Art, Eve Marshall, and Mark Stitt – Arts friends and co-workers) – delicious meal and as usual, gracious company.

Thursday, foodie and stand up/sit down comedienne Denise Leung & her partner Kyle hosted us at her loft – featuring the company of a beautiful & mellow rescue dog, and a sumptuous vegetarian meal extraordinaire. Denise is so hip and funny, she fills up the room.

And, at the end of the day Friday, it stopped raining and a bit of sunshine peeked through!

Now, rest for the wicked.

Vancouver Sun article is in today’s paper. On Sunday at 11 PM on CBC, the piece by Bob Nixon and Shaw Cable airs Feb lst 3:30 and 8:30 PM. Also we were just put on Tourism Sunshine Coast website: Unless otherwise noted, today's photos by Caitlin Hicks.

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