Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice bergs

How many layers of socks do you wear in -28 degrees? Multiple choice: 1. Single wool sock. 2. Cotton lst layer, wool second. 3. Same pair all week

Important discussion bandied about Thursday over coffee at Artigiano when Sharron Bates of Global TV came to interview the crew, first thing in the morning. She had been to the hotel for a proper interview the night before.

City-TV braved the cold on Wednesday,

and the next day, we got some magnificent iceberg looking stuff with Sharon and her one woman crew, Carmen.

But first, past the spring salmon on the loading dock.

The work was magnificent, really getting thick and berg-like.

And they had to come out and wrap their cameras, which were 'ghosting' due to the cold.

Scott Wilson at Leader gave us very good seats to the Canuks game with the Coyotes – (who had sojourned at the hotel the night before the game). Gord saw them filing into the bus outside the Olympic tent in front of the hotel

just prior to the game and this morning the headlines “Canuks leave Coyotes howling” and “Another hatty for Burrows” confirmed Vancouver’s win. We sat in row #2 up close to those quick goals, blood on the ice when Salo got his eye poked and 18,000 fans goading players into fisticuffs.

The big buzz on the street is, how crazy is it going to be? : walk, bicycle or transit? One paper said line ups for transit will be double the first day of Canada Line’s opening, which I heard, were . . . long. Another headline: “Who owns the podium? Sponsors save the day and now rule the roost.” Everyone’s talking.

Meanwhile, Allan May and crew are busy bracing the wall at the back. Next week it goes up on site.

The days slip past.

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