Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Press in the cold

Finally, we got on NBC’s radar.

“. . . visitors can also view the Ice Gate, an ice art installation created by renowned west coast artist Gordon Halloran...” ~ It wasn't much, but our VIDEO got picked up by AOL, (Peter Grainger’s/CTV now on You Tube -- see sidebar), and the local press is all over the project.

In Olympic news, Translink to audition buskers for the games; the Torch Relay ran in Thunder Bay Sunday at the post mile 3339 of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope; Anna Goodman of Pointe Claire, Quebec tore her ACL during the FIS slalom race at Zagreb, Croatia, and is out of the competition for Team Canada.

It was Tuesday of Brianna's first week as paid staff and my first visit to the cold warehouse studio in Richmond. Peter Kim of Shaw Cable, his cameraman, Kenny and I, were just in time for a big pour.

Leader’s Scott Wilson took us down the halls past boxes of mandarin oranges and stacks of pallets.

We were bundled up and it started snowing as we stood outside the plastic stripes-doorway. Inside, the slippery floor stretched out with rows of flat paintings.

Erik pointed out the ‘fat boys’ – in cross-section

and I found some glacial pieces beginning their arctic-like fissures.

Gord gave instructions to Jaz, Erik and Becky, each with a different color of paint in their full buckets.

The place closes @ 3:15 sharp every day and so we were booted into the parking lot where Peter completed his interview and the crew began to stretch after a long day of lifting, pouring hefting.

This week: City-Tv and Global.

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