Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A day of

All that adrenaline means only one thing: there will be a day of reckoning.

But first: what have we been doing since last week? Everyone asks.

The day after we opened, Heather Hiscox interviewed Gord for a short segment on CBC - we met Ian Hanomansing and Bob Nixon again in the newsroom.

On the way out, got nabbed by a producer for Mark Forsythe radio show.

Two days later we came back for the opening of the games. A rainy day. Gord and Ari worked on the fan/blower system - now it works.

At ICE GATE, the excitement of the games was everywhere. Here's Marjorie Johnson, working with the Richmond School District Olympic Ozone Choir, 3,500 voices strong in grades one to 12 from all the schools in Richmond; including 160 band students.

These kids are from Walter Lee Elementary and McNair High School. But the story that's soooo cool is someone in Richmond donated $300K to have those spiffy uniforms made for all 3500 of those students! I thought they were an Olympic team! And it turns out they were.

Then some sprightly characters from the Canadian Olympic Committee Cheering Squad wandered past ICE GATE, on their way to 'painting the town red', and spreading Olympic cheer, which was in ample supply, however cloudy the skies.

In the process I got the Canadian maple leaf painted on my cheek.

On the big screen outside City Hall, we watched the torch passed from a canoe in False Creek. A magician entertained crowds waiting in line for the OZone.

James Shih, from Japan Broadcasting Corp, stopped by and shot some pix of iCE GATE from the inside. Gary Young brought a couple of visitors from London, the host of the next Olympic (summer) games. They talked about legacies for businesses, and I had to ask myself: how about a legacy for the art? How about we preserve a section of ICE GATE for the next venue which hosts Paintings Below Zero.

We watched the opening on the tv back at the small apartment - KD Lang took down my house - and I loved the R&B version of 'Oh Canada!'

Back on the coast for this Saturday, we attended the wrap-up party for the dancers in PERFORMANCE FOR ICE GATE. Like millions of others around the world, we watched the athletes in ice skating, mogul skiing, snowboarding & hockey on television. Delayed, so we could wind past the ads. I paid some bills, did the laundry, talked on the telephone.

Today it hit and we finally had to ask ourselves, how long does tired last?

When the phone rings, I look at it and wonder if I have the energy to answer it and say 'hello' before it goes to voice mail.

Photographers contributing to today's post: Kent Kallberg, Caitlin Hicks, Brent Richter.


Mary said...

So exciting! Congratulations on a great project! May the good stories continue to unfold.

dana said...

How absolutely breathtaking (literally)! What a Lot of Work...How long does tired last? Unplug the phone, computer...s..l..e..e..p..:) xo

Duane Burnett said...

well done! congrats to all.. HUGS Duane Burnett