Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Shining

12 more days ‘til opening. We're laying out the paintings in huge sections as they will appear on the wall. This is my favorite part - the shining up of the surface to glistening.

Today, at the freezing studio warehouse, amidst the buffing, scraping, sweeping and rearranging of ice paintings in preparation for Monday installation, CBC-TV anchor Ian Hanomansing visited, covering our story for the national news on Saturday.

It was one of those chill-to-the-bone days -- indoors, that is.

His intrepid videographer Alan Stewart suited up and exposed his camera to the elements.

Ian, originally from Nova Scotia, seemed oblivious to the cold and Al stayed in the longest of anyone I’ve seen.

Finally, his fingers on the verge of frostbite, he’d had enough.

Katie, Jaz and Becky. Sometimes you just have to get them to take off the goggles.

Everyday we pass the changing city landscape in preparation for the Olympics. Looking forward to being here - on the streets closed off to traffic.

Yesterday, we approved a proof of the artwork and the invitation for ICE GATE. Here’s Erwin in that wonderful blonde lobby, checking the color saturation in a sample of a portion of the reproduction which will hang on their walls through the games.

Looking for creative ways to bring the budget down on the lighting and its install - also making of the base of the wall, and take-down. Pressure, pressure, pressure. My mother used to say, often: necessity is the mother of invention.

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Mary said...

The excitement builds! Such an amazing project ...