Monday, December 21, 2009


The ski goggles were a hit, a bucket of paint spilled and froze instantly and it was, by all accounts: “the hardest day”, the lifting, pouring, carrying buckets full of paint and water, chopping, sawing. And for Gord, making decisions. No more t-bars, for instance.

“The scale has been decided, the colors, the forms, but we don’t know what the final situation will be, exactly. Right now it’s exciting to be in the moment. The possibilities are open for us.”

“This is where it all comes together instinctively; it’s like stick-handling, you trust the moment, and go with your instincts. If you were a control freak, you would fail. The environment has its own measure of control; you just can’t have a pre-determined concept. You have to adapt to the qualities you find.

“With brittle ice, you get really interesting breaks; now we’re layering it; it’s somehow more muscular - and the separation of colors is more pronounced.”

“Gord doesn’t like pickles, unless it’s in a tuna sandwich,” Becky informs us with a smile, “I found out yesterday."

"The goggles are pink! Erik got the only pair of gray goggles, I guess he’s the ‘saw man’ so he deserves more manly-coloured glasses. I’ll get over it; now I’m embracing the pink." Becky is the only rookie crew member among us today, and I ask her impressions.

"Riding my bike through Vancouver, it seems tropical, it’s easy after working on Ice Gate,” she says.

“I knew I’d be cold, but I was open to whatever it required. It’s very physical; it’s hard, heavy work, but I’m toughing up,” she says, flexing a bicep. “It’s gender-equalizing.”

On the home front, Allan May’s crew has installed the first bank of lights and the Kingspan insulation on the back of the wall.

He begins rebuilding the wall on the site at Richmond City Hall on January 7th.

Check out the O Zone website!

50 days until we open.


Mary said...

Muscular, indeed! Quite impressive to see all the hard work that goes into making art. Great to have such good collaborators.

All good wishes.

dana said...

Hey...just read this through our Sunshine Coast Tourism blog - Breathe...breathe...