Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The adventure begins

Linsey Hull took these photos, and I just love them. Here they are at Northwest Contracting during the CTV interview, which hasn't aired yet. Allan May has been so resourceful and professional and just downright affable - easy to work with - thorough. And best, excited about the challenge, loving the work. The wall is as sturdy and tight as it can be; now it's just the engineer to sign off on it. It's December already. Tomorrow, we begin in the city.

Early ferry. A breakfast meeting. Afternoon, an interview with The Globe & Mail. Last minute logistics - a cell phone, setting up our transportation across town with the crew. I'm bringing our embroidered black Paintings Below Zero jackets. Checks and contracts. Squash racquets. Just heard today that our lodging in Richmond for February will work out. Eight weeks 'til opening. I'm excited.

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